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Price : 90 €
Covered grandstand

t.20 leonard GRANDSTAND : 90€ - SUNDAY 11 octobre



  • Your seat in covered in T20 LEONARD granstand  , located on the pitstraight line , only Sunday 11 Octobre
  • Access to motorbike or car parking "BLANC" (Access by BLEU Parking)
  • View on a giant screen
  • Food and drink points will be set up in each of the areas

PLease note that due to sanitary conditions :

  • No free admission under 16
  • No campsites
  • Each "Grandstand"area will be independent from each other so it will be impossible to move from one area to another
  • No merchandising
  • Any exit will be final
  • Do not use the tram to get to the circuit as the East Entrance will be close. Privilege access by motorbike / car in the parks provided to this purpose

Tickets must be downloaded and printed from your personan account (created at the time of purchase) by logging with your username and password / "Menu" tab/ "My orders"/"Download and print my ticket"